lundi 6 juillet 2009

Violence dans les métros de Moscou

Métro de Russie à Moscou
Voici un texte plus bas qui décrit exactement ce que je voulais écrire

Nous sommes allés clubber ( BAR ) jeudi
La troupe et les traductrices
Dans le métro
Nous avons vu un homme se faire battre
Un arabe
Par 5 jeunes
Dans notre wagon
Nous ne savons pas qui a utilisé le poivre de cayenne
Mais cela a vite rempli l'air
Tout le wagon a été aspergé
J'ai toussé ma race comme ont dit
C'est l'enfer
Et l'un de mes artistes
C'est fait puncher
Par l'un des gros caves qui battait l'autre arabe
En tout cas
Lire sa description personnelle de l'événement
Je retourne à mes dossiers

I got punched in Russia
On the way to a bar, in the Moscow metro, I got clocked in the back of the head.

I was with about 15 people, when all of a sudden, we saw a fight break out in the corner of the train. One of the guys who provoked the fight then busted out some pepper spray, so everyone moved to the other end. I grabbed onto the rail and just kept looking out the window to avoid confrontation. Then as the group of guys passed by us, I felt a blow to my skull. I honestly thought it was just the elbow of a tall guy accidentally passing me by. But it wasn't a normal brush.

No joke, I started to get dizzy. I looked around and everyone was staring back at me with surprised faces. I saw the guy who hit me. He was looking at me and yelling things in Russian. We all decided to get off the train at the next stop just to regroup. I sat down immediately because I just did not feel good. I wasn’t bleeding or anything, but my head was pounding, and I felt like my brain got sloshed around a bit.

Our translator tried to find out what the hell went down. She said, “It was some young, drunk kids,” which really wasn’t enough of an explanation for me. I felt like she knew but just didn’t wanna say it to me. I was the only one hit on the whole train. Not to jump to conclusions, but in my mind, it was probably one of two reasons: 1-I’m a minority or 2-I’m gay. And I would assume it’s the former. Here’s why.

I’ll let you know right now that by my standards, the men here in Russia dress way more gay than I would ever attempt. Maybe here, tight muscle shirts with flare jeans and frosted tips may be considered fashionable, but where I’m from, that’s the uniform for a mo. If anything, I went for a more polished, slightly British getup (which, understandably, is pretty poofy, but not outright).

After being in Moscow for 2 weeks, I can safely say that this city has no color. Being a tan Asian person, I stick out like a sore thumb. Everyone here is white, white, white. The person who got pepper sprayed, according to witnesses, looked distinctively Arab. For a tall, blond haired, blue eyed boy to rage out on the only 2 ethnic looking people on a train is more than just coincidence in my book. I really don’t like playing the race card. I may joke about it, but I mostly do it in stride. Being sucker punched is never an accident.

Maybe I’m just thinking about it too much. Honestly, I feel very weird. I’m uncomfortable with myself. I’m trying to justify a fucked up situation and just let it pass. However, when you are attacked for unknown reasons, thoughts go into overdrive. I’ve been a victim of racism and homophobia many times before, and it’s not something you ever get used to. I can hide one, but not the other. For those of you who never have to experience either, consider yourselves lucky.

I’m not dead. I still have a headache, and my skull is sore. The locals who have heard my story are pissed and can’t believe it happened. They say, “That motherfucker is stupid and totally misrepresents our country.” I would hope so. Many of the Russians I’ve met here have been friendly. But still, I just kinda want to go home now.

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Anonyme a dit…

C'est percutant.. j'ai entendu parler des tensions raciales en russie. C'est heavy.